July 7, 2017

Amy + Louis Wedding

Amy + Louis

Wedding Photos + Video

Photographer: Amelia
Videographer: Darryl
Editors: Darryl
Ceremony: Linehan Chapel at Nazereth College Rochester, NY
Pictures: Lake Ontario Beach Park Rochester, NY
Reception: Port of Rochester Marina Rochester, NY

Amy & Louis’s story is one of the power of faith and love. In our darkest times, in times of loss and grieving, God is there watching over us. At just the right time, Amy and Louis were brought together from worlds apart. Their love is inspiring and pure. We wish them and their new family the best as they write the next chapter of their love story!

Amy & Louis have such an inspiring love story. Their day was filled with love, laughter and tears. We wish you the best as you start your journey as husband and wife!


Highlight Pics: Amy + Louis Wedding (1.2 GB)

Highlight Film: Amy + Louis Wedding (1.2 GB)

Copyright Release: Amy + Louis (69 KB)